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Our Services

Personal Insurance

Nothing is more important than making sure the home and cars you own are adequately protected in the event of a loss. The DeVito Agency will work with in providing a policy covering your exact needs and that you have a true understanding of the coverages you have.

Business Insurance

No two businesses are the same. From small mom & pop store fronts, to extremely large businesses, DeVito Agency has the experience in providing the best coverage with the most aggressive premiums available to businesses of all sizes.

Life Insurance

Protect your greatest asset - your family. Whether you're intersted in s Term Life policy or a Whole Life policy, the Nicholas DeVito Agency has the expertise and experience to help you build a plan to help secure the financial future of your family and loved ones.

Wealth Management

Planning for your future is not something attained overnight. The Associates working with the Nicholas DeVito Agency are well versified in creating a plan helping you live comfortably today and when you retire.